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  T E S T I M O N I A L S

I have seen these two lovely gents in London, in May, and I was honestly suprised by how amazing the show was! The story was told so well, and any questions that I may have had from watching Narcos were all answered! Of course the sense of humour is also a huge bonus as the show was not only very interesting but bloody hilarious! Thank you agents for an amazing night and keep sharing your story

Dan Frydrych

Fantastic presentation! Very interesting from start to finish. 

Douglas Merry

Was an excellent presentation and highly recommend everyone seeing it. The hard work and dedication as well as the passion they have shows in there presentation. What an honor to meet two of the famous lawman of our generation.

April Lynn 

I had the pleasure of seeing the show in Galway. A most insightful evening with two articulate and self-depricating individuals, who dealt with the topic with a perfectly-judged mixture of seriousness and dry humour. Particularly impressive was the Q&A section, where more general such issues as the War on Drugs and the media glamourisation of narco-criminality were addressed both cogently and succinctly. All in all, highly recommended.

William Francis

After watching narcos on Netflix’s I was excited to go see Steve and Javier in Melbourne, Australia.It was such an interesting and informative night and great to see and hear them talk about their time in Columbia.
hope they’ll be heading down under again soon !

Maree King

Had the complete pleasure to see these guys in London earlier this year. I'm a huge fan of the Narcos series and to listen to Steve and Javier relay their experiences was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the show

John Wall

Saw these guys in Red Bank NJ. Awesome presentation. If you are a fan of the NetFlix series Narcos or you want to see how brutal the drug cartel business is, go see these guys. They are the real deal. They helped take down a brutal druglord who was terrorizing his own people. Agent Murphy and Agent Pena will show you what it took and obstacles they had to deal with to succeed in their mission to bring down Escobar.

Chris Stafford

As the Training Coordinator for the Atlanta/Carolinas HIDTA, our program trains approximately 3,200 law enforcement officers each year. One of the most well-attended and well-received sessions I sponsored this year was the very exciting and informative story of the takedown of the Medellin Carter delivered by Steve Murphy and Javier Peña. Steve and Javier had been stationed with the DEA office in Colombia during this crucial time in the history of the cartel, and they were a driving force representing American interest in the takedown of Pablo Escobar and his deadly organization. Only these two brave Agents were in on every move of Colombian efforts to hunt down Escobar. The session they present is the “back story” behind the events that took place during this time, with photos and videos that show the incredible opulence and reach of Escobar and his drug distribution network. Only these two Agents can present the firsthand account as eye witnesses to this incredible story. From a 33-year former DEA Special Agent, I can attest that this is a session all federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals will want to hear. Do not miss the opportunity to present and to attend this program!

Albert "Skip" Latson, Training Coordinator

Atlanta/Carolinas HIDTA

"I met Steve and Javier a few years ago when I was researching what became the Netflix show NARCOS. I can safely say that it was one of the most fortuitous meetings of my career. Their experience on the front lines of the war on drugs over the last thirty years made them an invaluable source of information for us. Their contacts, both foreign and domestic, allowed us to put together a narrative of one of the most complex, poorly reported, and misunderstood chapters in our recent past. Beyond that, they are great guys and their continued involvement in our show is a testament to how well they navigate a different shadowy, morally ambiguous world: Hollywood.”​​

Eric Newman, Executive Producer, NARCOS

Grand Electric Productions​

“Steve and Javier had the largest attendance of any speakers in our four-year speaker bureau history (it was literally standing room only). The presentation by Steve and Javier covering the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and the efforts to capture him was spellbinding!! The character development of Steve and Javier in the NARCOS series is not too far from their real personalities -- certainly their dry senses of humor and sarcasm were evident, and their whip-smart one-liners enhanced their first-hand account of one of the most violent times in current history. The evening was real live storytelling at its best, with incredible photos and videos of the situation in Colombia several decades ago -- it was a fascinating evening!! Steve and Javier gave us insight into one of the most horrific stories of our time as they helped end the Colombian reign of terror which had left over 1,000 police officers and civilians dead. If you get a chance to see Steve and Javier tell their gripping tale…it will be an evening that you won’t forget!!

Jeffrey A. Lenobel, Partner

Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP


“Steve and Javier, America's most popular crime-fighting team, knocked it out of the park!! We couldn't be more pleased with their attention-getting presentation. They tell the compelling story of the investigation of Pablo Escobar…the world’s first narco-terrorist. More importantly, their presentation gives hope for what can be achieved against all odds. I strongly recommend them to any organization.”

​​Stephen D. Clouse, President

Stephen Clouse & Associates, Inc.


"Steve Murphy and Javier Peña tell a very personal story behind the story of the hunt for Pablo Escobar. They captivated the audience with candid accounts of their real-life experience and gave our criminal justice students a unique, first-hand look into the law enforcement world. After hearing their highly personal accounts, we all shared tremendous respect and admiration for the work Agents Murphy and Peña accomplished in the face of extreme danger. Bluefield State is especially proud to claim Steve Murphy as one of our graduates. He and his partner, Javier Peña, have made a tremendous impact on the world through their work."

Dr. Marsha V. Krotseng, President

Bluefield State College


“I met Stephen Murphy over 20 years ago, just after he returned to the U.S. from his assignment in Bogota, Columbia. As Murphy climbed the ranks of the DEA, he never rested on his accomplishments, but always tried to improve conditions for those he served...Over the years I have listened to him teach hundreds of law enforcement professionals with the same passion and humility that forces even the most battle-hardened cops to admire and respect him.”
Steven Peterson, Vice President

National Law Enforcement Speakers Bureau

DEA Senior Special Agent (Retired)


"Speaking of their careers in general, and the investigation and subsequent dismantling of the Medellin Cartel and its leader, narcoterroist Pablo Escobar in particular, Agents Murphy and Pena underscored and demonstrated fluid leadership and management principles, cross-cultural teamwork, networing, and their value to anyone employed in an unfamiliar, hostile and dangerous environment. These principles and their careers are a blueprint for present and future anti-terrorism training and education, as well as for diverse organizational management training and education, international and domestic. We highly recommend these individuals, without reservation, to any educational institution, business organization, fraternal association, or group seeking to educate its members in management, diversity, or proactive leadership."

Kimberly P. Farmer, J.D., Professor of Criminal Justice

Kelly G. Wells, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Bluefield College


"Very few people can live up to the life Steve Murphy has lived. Yet, if you asked Steve, he is just a regular guy. In Steve's "every-man" approach he lets each person know that sometimes in life you are in the right place at the right time and when that happens you make the most of the opportunity given you. In his case, his opportunity was taking down Pablo Escobar. As you listen to Steve tell the story of the takedown of the world's largest 'Narco', you will be gripped by the fact that heroes still exist. Yet, true heroes don't recognize that they are heros. Steve Murphy is a hero...just don't try to tell him that!"

Brian Bales, Ed.D, Lead Pastor

Christian Fellowship Church

DEA Narcos is the premiere event you should have on your calendar.

Barry England

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